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Hi there - since moving into our house our apple tree has consistently given nice crops of apples for the last few years. This year however there are hardly any at all and the leaves have funny black spots on (and almost look as if burnt by the sun). They just look like they're in a sorry state Would somebody know what's wrong with them and how we can help them get back on their feet? Many thanks!


           I have had the same problem this year all 3 Apple trees failed to produce any Blossom or fruit.I have read that this is dwon to the amount of wet weather we have had.Not to sure on the validity of that,but seams it could be.



It was the weather-we had late frost, high winds when the blossom was about and few pollinating insects-there were many threads running at the time

There is nothing much to do but wait till next year .


Caz W

Have to say sorry now for blaming the squirrels for eating them


And the black spots on the leaves and fruit is Apple Scab, been a bad year for that too, cool and damp. All you can do if it recurs is to spray with a fungicide according to the info on the packet. I use Copper sulphate, but that is being taken off the market.


Nearly all apples have done badly this year as said before, but don't worry, next year will be perfect - it always is!

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