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My Deutzia has flowered beautifully but has grown huge new shoots with very large leaves. It looks as though it has reverted but they are growing from the flowering stems. Do I cut it back and risk having no flowers next year. Please help me.


If the shoots are coming from the old branches then they are going to be true. I would not prune them myself, just wait and see what you get. Which Deutzia is it by the way?

My thanks for tip. It is Deutzis 'Strawberry Fields'. I have included a picture the plant itself is quite small and the light green and tall shoots are the ones i'm worried about!.

New to this forum so how the pictures get through.





Well, that is exactly what my Strawberry Fields new leaves look like too. Wonder if it down to the weather, that they are a bit bigger this year.

Deutzia does not need pruning although I do trim it very slightly into shape after flowering. Mine is Gracilis, most other Deutzia are based on that one, it has masses of white flowers in May June and into July a long last-er and the insects love it.
It likes slight shady area's but not full shade afternoon sun to evening is ideal and Northerly aspects it hates.
Leave until Spring and see what comes, you can prune out very old stems after flowering right down to the base leaving the newer growth.
Hope this helps.



I prune mine after flowering taking out every flowered stem and the odd old shoot from ground level. It flowers on shoots made this year. If you prune like this all the flowers appear above foliage and mine is a wonderful sight every year. A neighbour of mine cut his back all over, like a barber giving a short back n sides. His bush flowers amongst the foliage......looks awfuil

Thank you everyone for replying. I think I will leave it and see what happens. For interest the plant is about 2ft high and the large shoots are over 6ft! I have included,I hope, a picture of the leaves. The left one is from the old stem and the other from the new shoots with a smaller leave growing from same leaf bud


. What a difference!!




I had the same trouble and someone suggested that I trim them to half their length.  I thought they were like runners at first till I saw they came from the branches. I had four long stems that made the plant look as if it was an upturned table with long legs! I cut mine several weeks ago and it now has little leaf buds coming by the last pair of leaves from the cut.

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