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Hello Everyone

I have had this Dianthus plant for two years now and this year it has not flowered.

There is lots of foliage, can  the individual ones be taken from the main plant and rooted in pots or should I dispose of it and by a new one. I really would like to save it as it is smells beautiful.

I will be grateful for any suggestions offered

Benita 2


You can make lots of new plants. Take "pipings" or strong unflowered shoots, about 10cm long. Insert in gritty compost, water in and leave. They should root  in a few weeks and then be potted on.  You can induce it to flower by giving it tomato food or something high in potash.

Thank you Figetbones, I will do that. Do you think I ought to scrap the mother plant or will it recover. I have nearly always  bought bedding plants, but finding it is hard work. I have been substituting them for shrubs and bulbs. Have you any recommendations on what would say look good late autumn and not to much work 

Thank very much




My autumn look is based on acidanthera, rudbeckias and cosmos, and dahlias. these should flower until frost. Sedums are easily propagated and give autumn colour.

Thank you Figetbones I will read up on your sugestons.


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