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I know I should of planted them out in the autumn but the plants didn't look strong enough so I kept them indoors.  Do I wait for some frost free days and plant them out now or just wait for spring?  Will they still flower?  Photo below.





Think I'd pot them up individually now and harden them off when the weather improves (after the cold snap we've been promised/threatened with). Then you can plant them out when spring arrives properly.

They would normally be hardy but they've been protected and will be a little soft - can't see why they won't flower.

Potting them up sounds like a good idea, I'll do that and wait for a bit.  They are in such shallow soil in the tray it keeps drying out  so bigger pots should help.



The new compost will also give them some more nutrients so they continue to grow - they might just sit there and not grow otherwise - this way you should have some lovely plants by the time the weather's ok for them to go out 

Presumably they don't need a long cold spell outside to 'know' that it is year two and the right year to flower as they are biennials?

They are now repotted so hopefully will be happier.

Thanks for the responses Dovefromabove.



No, they flower when they're developed enough - the wild Bellis perennis in my lawn are flowering now 

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