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what is the best way to repair lawn burns caused by dog urine? does the soil become damaged or is it just the grass? are there any preventative measures ( i want to keep the dogs and have no alternative area for them to go)


If you throw water where the dog has been immediately that dilutes it and stops the dog going in the same spot as well-similarly it is not so noticeable in wet conditions

The brown patches are caused by the reaction between the high nitrogen content and the grass-in the same way as anyone who has dropped some grass feed in one spot would get

So I wouldn't say the soil is contaminated as such.

I have a friend who has trained her dogs to go on a large pourous paper mat, which are specially made for animals/toilet training etc. I dont know unfortunately what they are called but both dogs use this for wee and poo. The older dog now uses it overnight in the kitchen to save accidents. She places one outside every morning to the left of the kitchen door so they have continuity.  I suppose it depends on how old they are old dog and new tricks...... Her lawns are perfect and her veg patch is astounding with no doggy input.


If you can give your dogs tomatoes aswell, that may help. Something in the toms that neutralise the damage caused by urine

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