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I've just discovered a hidden eremurus between two large poppies.

is there anything I can do to help it out a bit?

Sorry, i couldn't get a decent photo. the two buds are dry and shrivelled to look at, but not to feel. One is damaged and bent over (See the right of pic 2). I have tied back the poppies to give it more light but should I do anything else?





As above. In autumn I would dig it up and replant where it is not encroached on by other plants. I would also add lots of grit to keep the crowns well drained. Beautiful if you get it to flower.

Ah ok thanks both of you, remember planting deep but must have done as instucted on the packet so maybe not. I'll move it somewhere quoted, got lots waiting to spread in that area.

Well. I cannot frow eremurus.  I know the theory but it doesn't work for me.  

MrsGarden, I agree that you leave it alone until autumn.  Can you move the poppies after flowering?

 eremurus bungei-these are amaong the smallest but they still need an area 18 in across all to themselves.these were moved 2 yrs ago. i moved himalaicus and roseum last year so lots of foliage but no flowers. they like the same kind of conditions as delphiniums when you plant them loosen up the soil add some good stuff then firn it back down. clear a space an inch deep  spread 1/2 inch of coarse sand press the roots-they really do look like a starfish-firmly but gently into the sand cover with topsoil and there you are, you do this as soon as the foliage dries-probably in june-in england you might not need to water  . its important to remember that that need a lot of space all to themselves. mine self seed. good luck


in england transplant time might be july

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