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Why don't you coppice it each year to keep it within bounds?

Gambo....peace of mind assured now. A eucalyptus planted next spring will grow 6' anyway so you won't lose anything but your worry.  It's not another tree biting the dust.    For the record I dug up a coppiced eucalyptus some time ago that had a surprisingly large root system.  I guess it was prob 10 years old.  

Gambo.....If you let it grow as big as this you don't want it near your foundations, the roots are huge.

I brought this eucalyptus home on the bus in my shopping bag from the local market 30 years ago, it's now well over 60ft tall. 

Yours is still small enough to move and now is the time to do it. 



I planted three eucalyptus along a short boundary from my back door to give next door neighbour privacy as our house was elevated. Kept it as a small hedge around 4' or so. Just gave it a haircut every spring. Hedge is still there 15 years on and so is the house - passed it the other day! 

I have one in my garden and it is the focal point of the garden,I keep trimming it so it doesnt get out of control! I would keep it.


Just gotta say, I love that name Monty. 

having chipped our eucalyptus,is it safe to use on vegi beds


".. Loved it for its silvery look, long thin trunk and lovely rounded leaves - and evergreen so great for screening"

As per the above, coppice it every year and you will get what you wanted and stop the roots from being problematic.

The eucalyptus has 2 types of leaves, juvenile & adult. The leaves that everyone likes are the juvenile, round ones. The tree can be kept coppiced so it needs cutting hard back, at least every 2 yrs. My neighbours wasn't & it turned into a 30 ft monster in 5 yrs, with optimum growing conditions!...Mind, when she had it cut down, the wood is wonderful for burning, difficult to season for woodworking though. On my other side, my neighbour just had her bay tree(s) cut down. Started off as one tree that suckered & also turned into a 40 ft monster. The difficulty is now getting the stump out, 4 ft diameter due to the many suckers joining together. She also has a collapsed drain because of the roots. Advice if you want either of these trees? Keep them potted! When they get too big, find out if there is someone with the land (like an Arboretum) who would like them, nearby. They're beautiful trees, in the right environment!


I've got both types growing in my garden, E.pauciflora is close to the house and slower growing and more spreading than the E.Gunnii. I planted that one in the bottom garden and have been training it into a suitable shape for pollarding. I would just coppice but I bought it especially for height in that location...and fast growth. Boy can it grow, about six foot last year.

It's getting its first pollard in febuary

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