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Had this garden for a year now totally untouched for a number of reasons   There are some nice plants worth saving but the majority of the front  & back gardens are completely covered in bindweed  knotweed    Do I start trying to dig it out now.  Cover it with black plastic & hope that it dies off.   Give it a powerful blast of some kind of weed killer, I am not adverse in one-off extreme conditions such as my present one.  Or what other effective solutions are on offer?   Back garden is about 120 x 40 ft.

I should be very grateful for advice.  Thank you.


Bindweed and Knotweed,I think I would move

Seriuosly,covering with black plastic will not achieve anything,are you sure it is Knotweed? or is it just Bindweed ? suggest you either post a picture or Google it to make sure first.

Yes, batanna.  What,makes you think you have knotweed?  Knotweed IS a real problem.  Bindweed is not a big issue.  

Spray with glysophate, let it die back, dig and remove whats left, then be ready to respray what comes up a while later.


I would do what Dave says, but it will take several goes and if bindweed has a wall or fence to hide under, it will, and then pop up again later.

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