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Got a large hole where pond was. How should I fill it? What layers are best?

Hiya thomas

I did just this couple of years ago.  Had two pools and kept one of them.....had grand ideas to link them via a small "stream". 

I used a mixture of garden compost, stacked lawn turves, garden soil, dried cow manure and other bought composts. It has produced a very rich soil.....added organic fertilizer too.....that has successfully become an attractive herbaceous border.  

I used good quantities of soil from my veg patch too.......replacing with mushroom compost......

I've done it too. I used garden compost, like Verdun, and left it for a year to settle. It grew a grand crop of weeds, so must be fertile! I started planting it up in the autumn and will finish off this spring. If not enough compost is available, soil from elsewhere would be fine. Not sure what could be used if you need to buy it in - topsoil, I suppose.

How to fill will depend to an extent on the size and depth of the pool and the material available.  I filled in a large pond approx 18' x 6' x 2' deep by dumping the stone previously used for edging in the bottom along with any other rubble I could find for the bottom 12", topped that with soil from raised beds around the pool and soil from other areas of the garden where I wanted to change the levels.

Landgirl100 makes an important point about leaving the ground to settle.  I actually did the work in the autumn and then left over 2 winters i.e. about 18 months before doing anything with it.  That was to allow the soil time to be taken down around the stones.  If you will completely with soil, 12 months should be fine.


You could have some of the topsoil we've got - we're digging out a pond 


A friend of mine had a small pond which he turned into a stunning bog garden by clearing it of wildlife (which he rehomed) and added compost to the partially full pond.

I filled in 2 ponds 2 years ago, using bought compost, you would not believe how much I needed, good job it was on offer locally. Attempted grassing over with poor results. Now have two sunken 'lawns' still poor condition. Would agree you need to allow lots of time for settling.

Thanks. Will fill bottom with rubble and then top with soil. Will leave to resettle. Its a fair size! Just emptying has been a mammoth task!!!!

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