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In my garden we had to trees and we had them cut down know every time it rains the grass becomes saturated and boggy is there any plants that drink vast amounts of water but don't grow big.

i have clay soil


Maybe that's why the trees were there in the first place Luke. If you are on clay plants won't solve your problem. You need to improve the drainage and if it's that bad you'll need drainage pipes under the soil and a different approach to your garden.

It's not easy to solve and you'll need professional help and advice as installing drainage is costly and labour intensive.

thanks for the help. I have a space in my garden and was thinking about putting a small tree what one would be suitable and drink a lot of water to help with the flooding

Weeping willow, but it would need to be a good way from any buildings. A willow would certainly take up excess moisture but would be large when mature.



The coloured stemmed dogwoods can stand boggy ground but won't take up as much water as a big tree. Don't forget a deciduous tree only sucks up water in the leafy season and an evergreen wouldn't take up much in winter

Sorry Luke but I'm not sure that just planting things hoping to solve the problem is the right way to go about things.
For us to help you we prob need a bit more info about the soil structure, the size of garden we're talking about and the maturity & species of trees removed.
I suspect that really you need to get some professional help to identify the root cause of your problem & provide some sensible solutions - it might seem like an unwanted expense but may prove cheaper in the long run.

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