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We have for many years had a hard standing on our front garden, as we all had cars including the children.  Now they have all left home, we have decided to kango up about 12ft x 3ft and put in plants.  Has anybody got any ideas what to plant.  We do not want hedging, but something that is colourful during the winter and summer.  The sun is on the front from 11a.m and all afternoon.  The garden is also next to the pavement.  We would like plants no higher than 12-18 inches high.  Any ideas?

Christmas box is nice, smallish evergreen shrub with very scented flowers in winter.
Winter honeysuckle, although you would have to keep pruning to keep it small.
Stepover fruit trees, usually apple
Ornamental quince
Roses, lots to choose from, saw a front garden of nearly all roses, it stopped me in my tracks- so beautiful
Erisymum (cant spell, sorry), bowles mauve is nice
Jacobs ladder
I could go on and on, as will the others when they see your post! Have you got a colour in mind?

Is there a fence or railing between your new border and the pavement? If not then roses are out as you would be forever clipping them back from overhanging the pavement and they would be too high for you. Would you like a mixture of plants or just a single type? Lavender and some box balls would be nice. Most perennials will not give you winter interest (unless you like heathers which have still to make a comeback in popularity). Grasses would be too tall. Some dwarf hebes might be good - you can get a range of leaf colours and they will be evergreen. Dwarf azaleas are another possibility although a bit boring when not in flower.

Sorry - this has turned into a bit of an unhelpful post!  

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