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Hi Can anyone suggest where to buy parrafin for my heater apart from ebay whitch seems a bit costly including the postage . I live in the scottish borders and want to buy a supply to see me through the winter. Would be very grateful for any help . Thanks Mike.

Hi Mike You'll probably find it strange to receive an answer from Switzerland. However, I am sure that any hardware store or DIY that sells kerosene/paraffin heaters for home use should also sell the paraffin, I know they do here. Also, you could ask at your local petrol station, if they don't have it they may be able to tell you where to get it. Good luck


B&Q sell it. I doubt garages sell it as they stopped selling gas cannisters and the like years ago to fill up with sweets, crisps and magazines.

Gary Hobson
blairs wrote (see)

B&Q sell it. ...

I've also seen 4 litre cans for sale in Homebase.

Many garden centres also sell paraffin in 4 litre cans, with greenhouse owners in mind. You can see it right at the bottom of this page:

There must be some DIY stores or garden centres offering similar products in your area.

Though buying paraffin in those 4 litre cans is probably more expensive than buying it from an ironmonger.

Thankyou to the people who posted advice and suggestions .
I,m in b&q all the time never noticed or thought to ask
Thanks again



A lot of garden centres sell parafin too in cans.

chilli lover

Hi Mike

I use a fan heater connected to a thermostat set at 5C - works for me. I'm in Hampshire though so might be a bit more costlier for you! Good luck, Janet

Gary Hobson
chilli lover wrote (see)

...I use a fan heater connected to a thermostat set at 5C ...

Paraffin is not cheap. Depending on what tariff you are on, electricity may cost half the price of paraffin.

I believe that 1 litre of paraffin gives out the same amount of heat as 10 kilowatt-hours of electricity.

If you buy paraffin in 4litre cans, that costs about £3 per litre. So how much does your electricity supplier charge you for 10 kilowatt hours of electricity? It should be between 90p and £1.50, depending on tariffs. My estimates are very approximate and anyone else is welcome to correct them.

Electricity is also a lot more convenent, and safer. The thermostat on electric heaters means that they will switch off automatically when the desired temperature is reached, so you will save even more money. Electric fan heaters also help to circulate the air.

You have the problem of getting a power supply to the greenhouse, but that shouldn't be too difficult to arrange.

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