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Hi, any help would be appreciated. My standard garra tree in a large pot always suffers in the summer when most of the leaves curl up, turn brown and drop off leaving a bare tree execpt new growth which is unaffected. Have i missed something that i should have done back in the spring eg pruning etc. The tree is regularly watered and kep in part shade. 

thanks for any assistance




Do you mean a Garrya elliptica? It has tassels on in spring and late winter?

If so, the old leaves do turn brown and drop off. Its part of its natural cycle. Its probably too big for a large pot and would be better in the ground. It sounds as if yours loses more leaves than usual, probably it is stressed due to pot size.


Mine browned off last winter. If I cut all the dead leaves off there wouldn't be much left. I don't think it will still be there this time next year. I've got a good big shredder

Hi fidgetbones,

yes it is a Garrya elliptica, and it had the best show of tassles in 10 years this spring, perhaps it was the cold weather that brought them out. I have re potted and refreshed the soil in a large pot last year, having guessed the issue was the size of the pot.

Where the leaves have dropped off the branch/twigs are very brittle, almost dead. Is this to be expected as well?

Thanks for your input



I prune it fairly hard in spring. Anything too bare gets cut out,and then it resprouts. Mine is in the ground, against a wooden fence.

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