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My fuschia cuttings, which were doing really well in an unheated greenhouse, have been attacked by something!  The leaves that are left are discoloured and distorted but most have fallen off.  I did find a web, so suspected red spider mite.  However, there are what look like white fluffy egg cases on the top of the soil.  They are cylindrical and a few mm long.  Any idea what the problem(s) might be?    


A picture paints a thousand words-any chance ??

Need to practise my IT skills a bit more first but might be able to manage it.

I've had a closer look at the soil with the the 'egg cases' and they move.  They remind me of clusters of housefly eggs but smaller.  Also, there are lots of little flies around.  Could that be the problem?


That is probably sciriad flies-more of a nuisance than a pest-they live on the top of too damp compost

That would not cause the symptoms with the fuchsias-it may be too cold for red spider mite

If the cuttings are rooted my advice would be to remove all the leaves-thus removing the cause of the problem-do not water -let the compost dry out and start misting the stems in around Mid -February-then slowly increase watering

With a fair wind they should be fine



I can never keep fuschias indoors because they always get covered in whitefly, even if I spray them, then the leaves drop off and nothing grows again in spring. Sorry, that sounds a bit unhelpfull. The hardy ones outside do pretty well.

Thanks for your comments and advice.  The cuttings have rooted so I'll remove the leaves and see how it goes.

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