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hi im a  first time gardener growing petunias but they are being eaten by what i can only guess is some kind of grub any help in keeping the plants alive and stopping the attacks would be appreciated, could provide pictures  if necessary thanks in advance


Pictures would be helpful...but I think the culprit may well be slugs/snails. 


Beat me too it slugs, get some pellets down, you will probably find slugs hiding near by.  


Yep, slugs and snails love petunias.

Initially thought this though I've placed copper around the planter to prevent them entering with no changes , I keep picking out small grubs from the soil itself , any insight?




From the pic, could be juvenile earthworms (good) or juvenile slugs (bad).

 I  dont think its an earthworm it's more like a grub is thre any treatment the soil is infested very disheartening as my first venture

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