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Aser 5yrs old lovely red leaves in good condition ,just noticed today this powdery stuff low down on botton branches, It is in large pot well drained andwatered when sun goes down, have fed it once since spring and I use half pot compost and half Ericatious soil 

dont want to lose her ,it was a little sprig when i got ,she is about 2 hlf feet now..

Please help 

Thank You



Hi Rosytoes, is it small patches of white with a brown patch covering it?  google scale insect, that might be the problem.  My acers in my front garden have it for the first time this year, I just put on a glove and rubbed them off and will keep an eye on them.

It looks like we are talking about acers....thanks Paula.  

I think it's still powdery mildew though.  There are sprays to control this, both chemical and organic.  Often mildew occurs where too much fertiliser has been used too.  I try now to use less fertilisers on everything,now and I think most plants benefit from growing more gradually without being forced.  

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