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Hello fellow gardeners

Is there ayone who can help I have hanging baskets that regularly are pulled off my wall the police say their hands are tied as no proof or evidence I suspect a jealous neighbour. Do any of you have any ideas, we have tried all sorts of things but when we are out they come off the wall.

reasonable suggestions please.



hi Ninty sorry to hear that your having trouble with your hanging baskets me id hang them and tie them with zip ties go to builders yard and get the big black ones or if that orrible neighbour is actually pulling the hanging basket with the hanging frame id drill my holes for the frame and cement the srews in.                                                     

Can you ask your other neighbours to keep an eye out?  Clearly you can't give up before they do.  Perhaps you could put some dirty grease on the edges to discourage people from touching them although it wouldn't be nice for you either.  Good luck.


Hi there Martymower and cloud 8

Good suggestion re cementing screws in and greasing them will give it a try. Do you know if there is such a thing as an alarm a colleague seems to think there is? (old Sunday newspaper supplement?)

All comments are helpful.

I would install a fake security cam, you can pick one up fairly cheaply .... That should act as a deterrent


Just make sure you put the cam high enough that they can't pull that off too!
Ask the neighbour that you suspect to keep an eye out for the culprit...then theyll know your e onto them!

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