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This has appeared on a new flowering cherry tree we planted last year. What causes it, do we need to worry about it and how do we get rid of it....?



No picture - can you try again by clicking on the picture of the tree on the toolbar above where you type your message, and following the instructions 


url sounds, suggest no one else clicks on it


dodgy - fake-url//


I thought so too - didn't click on it either - we'll wait and see what happens 


sorry new to this stuff, I have loaded the picture now, any help appreciated



Looks like a leaf gall, caused by an insect laying it's eggs on the leaf.  Take the leaf off if you like, but I don't think it'll do the tree any harm unless it's absolutely covered with them.

ok thank you....out of interest what bug does this? and is there anything I can spray?



Afraid I don't know what sort of insect has caused your galls - there are all sorts of gall wasps that produce different galls on specific plants - like a robin's pin cushion on roses, or oak apple galls on oak trees. .  I think spraying against it would be like shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted, as the damage was done by an adult laying an egg - now the adult has gone.  And anyway, I don't like spraying things - you usually end up killing good insects as well as bad.  

If it is unsightly just pick the leaves off and destroy them.  How many are there on your tree?

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