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Hi Forum,

I have a lovely young honeysuckle which I am training around a tree. All was well untill tonight and I have come home to find the tops eaten, the string around the tree that it was growing up is broken, branches bent over and a rose that is growing next to it has the blooms all droopy. Any ideas?

We had the same problem with the local wildlife. We put 4 honeysuckle in along a fence and a week later i had to chase the pesky critter out of our garden. They are making a comeback this year tho but i suspect that our little garden gobbler will be back in the winter when food is low.


No deer anywhere around, although it would have been the perfect answer. I have 6ft gates at the back garden and a main road to the front. I thought pigeons but they have not shown an interest in tree climbing yet as they have food at ground level.

Please can anyone help one of my plants as started to be taken over by ants what can i use on the plant that is not going to kill it

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