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My neighbour is in a home now and here very old greenhouse collasped and was removed a few weeks ago.  All over the place where it stood horsetail has grown and now it's coming though to my garden - even popped up in the greenhouse.

2 q's - how do I treat it on my side and what do I ask them to do about such a huge infestation next door. 

They strimmed it this week and I have a feeling you might tell me this is the worst thing to do!


I'm fairly sure there's a thread on this weed somewhere already, although I haven't worked out how to search the forum yet.  Have a nose round see if you can find it.

Horsetail/Marestail is as old as the hills and sounds a complete pain to deal with,  good luck with it.

Alina W

Cutting it down will do nothing to control it. You need to bruise it and then spray with a glyphosate-based weedkiller, probably more than once.

Where you have it attempting to invade, you could try digging it out as it's effectively a runner,and then think about putting a barrier in the way. We had it come up in our garage once, but a spray of weedkiller and it never came back.


Have posted on the second of sotongeoff suggested threads of a product recommened  to me on the BBC Message Board last year - hope this might work  


That's brilliant!  I wondered why their lawn wasn't affected - that must be it.

Cheers asperge

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