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I have recently laid a new lawn, and now a year on i have loads of horsetail weed growing in the lawn. I would like to know if there is any solution to my problem apart from ripping it up and laying fake lawn!!!!! ANY help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Ross


Try adding lime also. They thrive in acidic soil. Lime and mow, lime and mow. Watch out in March/April when the asparagus tops come up, as they have millions of spores! Get them and bag them.

Mare's Tail is a nightmare weed. It is prehisotic and the roots taper off to a fine thread which goes down 6ft plus.

It likes damp conditions so plenty of aeration by forking and plenty of lawn sand and gritty top dressing. Never put your mowings etc on your compost heap as the tiniest piece of the plant, root or stem will grow.

The voice of past experince, I lived with a Mare's Tail riddled border for many years and never got the better of it.

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