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I am a student from West Thames college, we need some information horticulture jobs  and what skills do businesses look for employing young people 


Gardening Grandma

Hi Farouk. How are you planning to collect your information? Do you have a questionnaire? I think perhaps people would need to know a bit more about what you are looking for. Perhaps you could post some specific questions people might be able to answer. Make sure you thank them afterwards!!



" make sure you thank them afterwards !! " Just because this person is a student doesn't make him or her 5, you know.

Gardening Grandma

Of course not, but people have complained a lot in other threads about not being thanked so I thought I'd pre-empt that and protect this young man from criticism. Once a teacher, always a teacher, perhaps.


When will you realise GG that you are not the only retired teacher on this forum. There are many, who are spending  time looking forwards and developing  their horizons, and not always harping backwards to a previous life



One of the funniest things I've read.  lol

Gosh! I was a grave digger in a previous life, I will never get out of the habit of digging holes.

marshmello always has very questionable comments, I've noticed!Am I the only one? Shades of jc.


Questionable comments ? In what way do you mean.

SwissSue. Yep, absolutely. Same treatment
It's right to look forward but the past is so important. No harm in referring back to it and to those no longer with's that for deep this a.m.?

Don't start with your bullying and snide comments with me. You got a problem, please spell it out, without the code. Thanks




SwissSue wrote (see)

marshmello always has very questionable comments, I've noticed!Am I the only one? Shades of jc.


marshmello wrote (see)

Questionable comments ? In what way do you mean.

answering a question with a question or snide comment the lady deserves Respect and courtesy GG has earned it .



It's only my opinion, but I've clicked the ignore button


Hahaha......I've nearly wet myself. 

I'd like to think that GG took it as a joke, since she has a sense of humour. Like I said " one of the funniest things I've read  lol " - what it had to do with anyone else, I really don't know. lol

" but I've clicked the ignore button... " hahaha. GROW UP !!



A question of tone again in messages here-just for the record marshmello is not someone who should be ignored- a helpful voice on this board-a light hearted comment was obviously misconstrued by others.

Now is the time to calm down and carry on



Nah ! This is the second time this person SwissSue has verbally attacked me and tried to insinuate. This time though, this person has tried to bully and create a gang of  "lets all click the ignore button" which I believe, one person responded. Not having it.

Never been bullied in real life and I'm sure not gonna accept it on the internet. 

Enjoy the rest of your day. Cheers.


It's not the "tone" Geoff, it's the didactic comments that rub me up the wrong way. I hate it when people try to "correct" others. As I said, only my opinion. I am/was quite calm actually.

I think Gardening Grandma was absolutely correct to ask the poster to thank folks afterwards, it's not always easy to post something on the forum, as you're only relying on words, not tone of voice, gestures, body language etc.  It's very easy for an off-hand comment to be taken the wrong way.

I know there are quite a few teachers on here, and everyone who works in such a stressful occupation needs an outlet.  I'm not a teacher, but my husband is a post-16 lecturer, which he says is much easier than teaching (if your students consistently don't turn up, a phone call to their employer is enough to rectify the situation).  I enjoy gardening, my Husband enjoys restoring old cars.  Each to their own.

In my humble opinion, the BEST teachers are naturals, you can teach someone to stand at the front of the classroom and try to impart knowledge, you can't instill a love of passing on knowledge to those who don't possess it in the first place.  Once a GOOD teacher, always a GOOD teacher.  God knows I've had enough useless teachers, the great ones you always remember.  Like Mr King, my Physics teacher who gave up this lunchtimes twice a week to coach those who wanted to take the higher paper, and could always explain things in million different ways, and didn't make you feel thick if you didn't 'get' it the first time.  That's the mark of a great teacher, 23 years later he's still remembered with affection and respect.  And yes, I did get an 'A' at GCSE because of the effort he put in.

All Gardening Grandma tried to do was find out what this chap wanted, and I think folks have been quite rude to her.  It doesn't matter if the guy is 5 or 95, she's tried to help, which is more than others have.  Think it must be something to do with the weather, as we're all cooped up inside, we've resorted to bitchiness.

Farouk, you could try the GROW website, there is a wealth of information on there about horticulture jobs, the skills employers want, and the myriad of different jobs on offer in horticulture.  There's a list of horticulture jobs, what each one involves, and where to go for more information.  There's also a list of live jobs on there for when you leave college.

A lot of employers are looking for a qualification (to prove you have an aptitude for the job you're applying for), enthusiasm for your chosen subject, and a willingness to work hard and keep learning.  Best of luck with your course.