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I bought an iceberg climbing rose not so long ago. It is thriving well and has just started to bloom. I was so excited as it's on my patio and thought this will be the perfect place to enjoy its fragrance! There is no fragrance!!!! Why? Can I do anything to help it smell??  

Please help,

ps. I give it tomato feed ....that would effect it..would it?



Hi Lisa

The Classic Roses website lists Iceberg Climbing as having 'some scent - 4/10'  in other words, not a lot.

Don't think there's anything you can do to change what is in it's nature.

If you use the search facility at the side of the above website you will be able to find other roses with more pronounced scent.

Just been out to smell my climbing Iceberg roses (no mean feat as they are pretty high up over a pyracantha lol!) I wouldn't describe them as having a strong smell compared with my other climbing rose - Mme Alfred Carriere which is definitely stronger. Agree is probably just the type - hopefully you can find it a companion with a more pronounced scent..


..'Iceberg' isn't a rose for smelling too much...we grow it for it's repeat flowering propensities and for that fresh white colour we love in our gardens... one of the finest climbing roses, for us to enjoy as it is..I think...

Orchid Lady

Mine doesn't smell either Lisa, but it does look beautiful and is growing really well. 

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