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I have these growing in my front garden they look beautiful or they just common weeds for the compost bin? Thanks



A weed is a plant growing in the wrong place. This is a rather nice Erigeron

just vegin

I have to agree with Berhill, very nice plant


Ah Berghill. Who is to tell them they are in the wrong place? A very pritty Erigeron seabreeze i think.

Orchid Lady

I don't think Berghill was saying they were I the wrong place, he was just explaining what a weed is generally.  Like, if I wanted to grow dandelions for a salad in my veg patch then they aren't a weed, but in the lawn they are a weed 

Pretty plant though 


Thanks for replies everyone.It stay's then.


Sorry OL. I forgot the smiley icon. Im just too blunt again. no offence was intended.


Surely if you like them they would have stayed anyway whatever everyone else's opinion

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