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i hope you can help identify the plant above, it's one that i love from my childhood and would like to buy and plant in my own garden.  It is exactly like a strawberry, the leaves and blossom but does not become the fruit.


Really grateful for any help, I have managed to track down many of the flowers I remember but this one escapes me.  K


I agree Potentilla, I have a yellow one, and a red one in my garden.  The red one is one of my all-time favourite plants in my garden, probably the favourite for flowers.  It is soft strawberry red, with a creamy yellow hue in the middle - just fab !

Hope you find the plant you're looking for, for your garden.


Thanks very much for your help identifying the plant, it will be great to finally get one in the garden!


Sorry for the delay in replying, my smartphone wouldn't update my earlier reply


I'm going to ask for your help one more time in relation to the Potentilla Sterilis - I have been to every garden centre in the area and looked at online centres websites, even been on ebay and there is no sign of this fabulous plant.  So near yet so far.  Does anyone know where I can buy a plant?  You help would be gratefully received.

Thanks from one frustrated gardener.


Kate x

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