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Unfortunately I am unable to upload the photo from my computer as it is not recognised as a valid file name.This is a bit frustating but I can describe it as a bit like a ladybird, red with black markings and was suckered on to a leaf. Hope you can help. 


Can you load it by putting it on photobucket then onto here?-I fear this is going to be tricky otherwise.


Could be one of many different species. Google asparagus beetle, Red & Black Froghopper. Really need a photo. 



twas gold1locks not me David

Lion S

It might be Pyrrhocoris apterus ( sorry, I don't know the English name for it ).


Thanks for all your replies. Unfortunately I can't positively identify it but OH has helped me via photobucket to upload an image(hopefully!)  I spotted this last autumn by the way.

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