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I have a few of these growing and was wondering if anyone knows what they are?


Thank you  




Cat, can you try posting the photos again please?  Click on the picture of the tree on the toolbar above where you type the post, then follow the instructions. 



That's my thought , or one of the Japanese-type salady/stirfry-type veg that are very popular at the moment. 

Yes - Spinach (Is it in or near the veg bed??) I don't think birds spread spinach seed - Do they?

Thats interesteing - I have been scouring the web looking at weed photos, no wonder I didn't fine it.  I don't have a veg patch (not enough room unfortunatley), wondering if it could have come from the garden centre compost?



Are you sure you've never sprinkled a pack of those salad-leaf mixes on that patch? 

Not that I am aware of but just found what looks like a lettuce as well! Wondering if its a wind up by a "friend" !

I thought it was spinach type also but I know that the bags of mixed bird seed bought in shops can strike if these seeds fall on the ground, so that could be one reason you have this plant growing?


They have all sorts of seeds in them - you'll never guess what we had growing under the bird feeder at the  Social Services offices where I work! 

Ah that would make sense, we do feed the birds on the patio in the winter and the area the spinich is growing is right next to this.

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