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I have cyclamen all over my lawns. The selective weed killer I use does not kill them. Any ideas?


they're only shallow corns, take a trowel and get them out. 


We have them in our lawn too. Great! Better than grass. Just mow over them, if you keep removing the leaves they will die.


I've got some C.coum with very silvery round leaves. Their babies look nice in grass. But I usually rescue them and put them somewhere cyclamen safe


Don't kill them, Bob21: you're lucky to have them! Just dig them out and use them elsewhere, or offer them to anyone nearby who's interested in plant swapping. I use Streetlife but your local gardening group will probably have plant 'bring and/or buy' sales, if that's easier for you. Or donate them to the nearest community garden.


I have to wear a dust mask when I tackle the neighbour's ivy that grows over onto my wall - I can see dust spores come off it.  If I don't wear a mask, I feel like I can't breathe, it effects my throat and eyes - but I have never had hay fever and don't have asthma; it's just, it seems ivy that bothers me.  I have just hacked it back properly for the first time in years - it took two days, and I am so proud and pleased to have my garden wall - and light - back.  

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