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Hi, we have a japanese maple acer that we think has had its day. Can anyone help. It’s approximately four years old and has been fine up till this year. It’s now only got leaves in two places and the branches seem to have gone white in areas has I think is dead parts of the branches.



Cut the dead part off. I've just had to do that with one of my maples which was grown in a pot at the allotment - it was a beauty as well. The reason why, I had my second child in spring last year, and completey forgot to water it. To my amazement its started putting on new growth, on the stump I left...

Should I wait till October to cut it back or just go for it now? Also will it be ok to cut some of the branches that currently have leaves si that it doesn't look completely abnormally shaped.


Only cut the dead part off. Leave any branches with leaves alone until it goes dormant, otherwise it may weep. It's current shape without the dead, I could live with. It's a japanese maple, think bonsai !!

Thanks marshmello, I'll get the cutting done tomorrow.

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