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I have areas of the garden covered with a jelly like substance.  It is almost like frog spawn but without the eyes.  It is brown/green in colour.

It seems to appears most on ground that has not be dug or concrete.

What is it and how do I get rid of it?

Alina W

It may be slime mould. If it is, dryer weathe will get rid of it for you. Breaking up the ground surface will also make it less widespread.

Thanks.  I have been told it could be a fungus which comes from moss spores.

Moonlit Hare

you don't live near the sea do you?

The much beloved brings me seaweed sometimes from his fishing trips to put on the soil. I was wondering if you might have birds collectiong seaweed and stashing it in your garden... or it might even be weed from a pond nearby, from the photos it does look a bit weedy


I get that stuff on my tarmac !   As a previous contributor said its slime mould and disappears in drier weather.



i've got the same in my garden anyone got a name for it?


It's a slime mould, as indicated earlier in the thread. Common at this time of year, but harmless. 

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