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I would like to know a few ideas about keeping cats fom using the garden as a toilet as I'm having trouble with them in my vegetable garden.  I would like ideas from people who have actually used these ideas and they have worked.

Many thanks for your help in advance.


I have this year spread rose prunings about this year-my theory is they go ouch when they step on a thorn and go elsewhere- it has worked to a certain extent

I have put some berberis prunings down so I'm thinking the same as you ouch lol  I put my hand in some cat muck this morning by accident and so put up this post in desperation.



I did try the water in a lemonade bottle trick some while back-that theory is they see a strange reflection and scarper-not sure if that worked all not

Others no doubt will tell you about water pistols but that means seeing the cat-there a lots of  cat scaring devices out there-this is always a hot topic on gardening forums


At our last house OH would stick his head out of the upstairs back window and bark like a Border Terrier at cats coming over the fence - they invariably turned tail and most gave up trying - but he was working from home and could keep an eye on the back fence - and most of the neighbours were at work 



I use wooden kebab skewers you can buy a pack of 100 for less than a £1. Cats don't like obstacles so I put in lots of these between the veg it actually did work for me. Cats are also creatures of habit so if you can break there habit they will move on. We have 12 cats around our neighbourhood and haven't had one in for ages.


I moved last year into a less rural garden and was starting to be bothered by cats but my neighbour told me about this. SCAREDY CAT PLANT - Coleus canina hybrid. She tried it last year and found she had very few visits. We clubbed together and ordered some large plug plants from the Internet. I have placed mine at strategic spots around the veg garden and so far this year have only seen a couple of cats and have had no unpleasant surprises whilst weeding. They apparently deter other animals also.  I have looked the plant up on the Internet and it would seem that if protected it should survive the winter up here in the north but I will take some cuttings to be on the safe side.

I have a few skewer type things I've collect over the years which I put near prized possessions Jenny if only it worked on slugs lol   I do try to make things harder for them, they always seem to find away though.  Not many more possibilities for them now though.

I do have one weapon of choice I'll share with you and that's a fairy liquid (sorry don't mean to advertise lol) bottle that I fill right to the top with water.  Its actually really good and shoots water at quite a distance.  Unfortunately I'm not a good aim except when i got one in my guinea pig pen and threw the bottle at him square in his back.  It is such a dopey cat though as it comes back for more.  My guess its that one who likes my garden as its personal toilet!



Thanks for all of your tips btw didn't expect any.  New to this forum.

Gardening Grandma

Skewers! What a great idea! I have two dogs who patrol the boundaries against cats and attempt to protect the air space from birds. Great in the day, but not enough at night! 


Mulch with big stone chippings (big ones with sharp edges, not little gravelly stuff). They won't dig through it and eventually just don't come back at all.

Or, cocoa shell (but not good for dogs).

Prickle strips along the tops of fences, and occasional raljex or jeyes around the boundary is repellent to them too.

I've used all these and they work very well

Deanos Diggin It

Just flicking the pages of August's issue of GW that dropped on my doormat yesterday, an there's a four page spread on "How To Cat-proof Your Garden"


Rose prunning's as Geoff suggested also a water pistol that works a treat but you need to hang around for it to visit to zap it,  I was lucky it only took about 6 visit's zap wise, it doesn't come back but I've fastened the rose pruning's down as the little **** used to very carefully pull them off,  the more thorns the better.


Sorry everyone, I have three cats

If any of my neighbours complained about them in their gardens I'd tell them to squirt the cats with a hose though.


Physical barriers are the ONLY way to stop them. The skewers or bamboo canes will work nicely. Any sprays or the like will wash away and are a waste of money and time. Buy some cheap bamboo canes and place them around the area where they walk and they will clear off, espcially if they are pooping in a flower bed.



I've had reasonable success in the past by spreading coffee grounds (wich also seemed to help deter slugs), citrus peel and placing moth balls in an old milk carton with a few holes in - seems they don't like strong smells!

The other trick my granny used to advise was to spray them with water - ok if you see them about, but not so good at night!


I've had a lot of problems with this too.  I've tried the bamboo canes, small ones pushed into the ground, and thorny prunings.  These do work but don't look very nice in my opinion and I find it tiresome after a while. 

People will tell you the following does not work but it always has for me, and I've been using it on and off for years now.  Essence of Lion dung pellets.  Yes they are expensive to buy, 6 to 7 pounds a box and you will hear lots of reports of how it's a waste of money.  My experience is that, you need to give these pellets time to work, about 3 weeks or so and if you have a large garden 1 box may not be enough.  I find once the initial period has passed and the cat's have gone away, it lasts for at least 6 months or more before needing to apply again.  You also don't notice it's there but you do need to apply it thickly.   It's worth a go but patience is required as cats will compete with it for the first few weeks and it needs to be applied everywhere, including over shingled ground.

An alternative is to leave no soil showing by planting thick ground cover all over the place.   Perennial Geraniums are good for this - masses of them but a garden like that can look chock full and crowded for some tastes.


We've tried most proprietary gels, sprays & powders, all without success with the half dozen cats that believed our garden was a communal PC. Had some success with holly prunings "they don't like it upem, them fuzzy wuzzies", but almost total success in recent months has been a "Water Blaster", an american water pistol for beach & pool, like an outsize bicycle pump. Claimed range - 60 feet & is a fair claim. Have rarely landed a shot on pests, but the sound of the squirt & falling water has turned local cats into sprint champions, so mere sight of the "weapon" eventually had desired effect & cats now very rare. Bought ours at some cost from California via web, but have noticed a UK supplier. Cost has been value for money.

Thanks everyone it appears I am not alone lol  I especially like the scarecrow sprinkler.  Could do with one of those at work as well to keep the deer from eating the roses in the wedding garden!  Saw a little munctjac today (well his behind as he ran off anyway) doing just that!

Only downside is having the water on all the time (we have a water meter).