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Can any body tell me the best way to get rid of/kill red and black ants.  For the last 3 years we have been overrun with ants of both types to such an extent that I have had to put the mower on it's highest setting to stop it scalping the grass.  I haave tried putting down ant traps containing Nippon, boiling water. bleach, even digging down to find the queen, but they keep coming back. At this moment I have 18 nests in a 20 x 8 metre lawn

I. Think nematodes may be the answer. I used them a few weeks back in a friends garden and the ants have gone. They do make ant hills so grass is scalped. Then I recently scratched the earth around these old nests to remove the surface soil. Bit late now I think though for any treatment but aim to do something late spring next year

For some reason -and I read this a few weeks back-it has been a good year to be an ant- something to do with this years weather.

There have certainly been a lot of questions on here-probably a bit late to do anything about it now as they will soon disappear back to whether ants go for the winter


Thanks Christopher2, I'll certainly give it a try.

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