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I rotavated and overseeded our lawn 3 weeks ago. Germination has started but seems quite slow. The lawn is now becoming covered with leaves. So, the question is, do I keep off the lawn and leave the leaves, or do I rake off off (or blow off?) the leaves which would mean walking on the seedlings?

Alina W

If you leave the leaves on the lawn they are liable to smother seedlings, as well as harming mature grass. Put something on the lawn before walking on it - stiff card or planks - and blow the leaves clear.

Thanks for the advice, I thought that I may have to remove the leaves. What's the chance of me blowing the seeds away aswell as the leaves? Would a light raking be better?



Do not rake -that will just make it worse-how big a lawn is this -can you work from the sides-the seeds will not blow away after 3 weeks-they would have germinated-well those that will germinate anyway

Not massive, about 8m x 15m. Dont think I can get much of it from the sides, probably less than half.



Then you will need to do what Alina says-it might mean a bit is damaged but that can be repaired next year-it is unfortunate timing

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