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Unfortunately many years ago we planted a leylandii.  It is now huge.  We had it cropped a couple of years ago but it is just getting wider. I am torn as it offers us shade but is now overshadowing the entire garden.  I have my hammock on it and it does not seem to be doing any harm.  What would happen if I had the top cut off and sides cut back, would it look ridiculous.  

Would any other tree grow nearby if we removed it and left the stump with some ivy or clematis to grow on it.





Alina W

The top will green up again, but once you cut into the brown wood at the sides that's how itt'll stay.

If you want another tree nearby you'll need to work hard at re-building soil fertility as any tree will deplete it severely.

flowering rose

too be trueful the best thing is to have it taken down unless you have a extra big garden.

Steve the Gardening Vet

Chop it to the base and they don't grow back. They do try to suck the life out of the soil beneath them though!

Steve has the right answer. However, there are garden firms who `mash up` the stump and roots leaving good clear ground and soil behind. You could always add some new soil from a garden centre or soil delivery company.

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