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I have been unwell since before Christmas and all the bulbs - Tulips, Daffs, Crocus etc. have been kept in a cool dark place. Naturally they are all sprouting now, do I have to thre them away or is it ok to plants them even though it's late and they are sprouting?   I spent a load of money this year and am fed up with the awful weather plus feeling off colour, but feel awful guilty about letting them go to waste?

Many thanks for your help. Gardening Genes

Sorry you haven't been well ,hope you are feeling little better now

well if you can't plant them out (even though they have started to sprout) find different containers around the house or garden and plant (be invented) shoes , bowls , plastic pots etc; it would only be temporary then next year you can put them in the borders , I am sure you would get some of them if not all to flower . After all , you have got a chance , don't just throw them away . 

  I bet it will make you feel better when you see the flowers   



Yes, just as annie8 has said, pop them in the ground or in some pots, tubs, buckets of compost - you'll get something and they'll stay alive and then you can plant them out in the summer.

And hope you're feeling on top of the world again soon 


With the smaller bulbs, it helps to soak them for an hour or so in cool water so they can rehydrate.    Plant them as soon as you can and even if they don't flower, they'll make foliage which will feed the bulb up for a display next year.

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