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I bought a Lupine from Dobbies a few weeks ago and potted it in a container using multi purpose compost.

After planting the plant looked fine for a week or so but now some of the leaves seem to be wilting and dying.

I’m very new to gardening so any advice or tips would be much appreciated.



How big is this plant?

Are these leaves the new growing shoots or the older leaves? 


its about 30cm high and its the older leaves which are dying.

looks like there are some new leaves coming through but not sure.



Could we possibly get a photo? use the little icon on the top right of the new message box

Some of the older leaves do tend to die off as the new ones come through.


It should be OK if new leaves are coming through, probably just the shock of being moved. Lupins can be fussy about being moved. You did water it didn't you? Also watch out for slugs and snails.


hollie hock

I bought another Lupin over the weekend and some of the older leaves are dying off, as long as you can see new growth coming through they should be ok. Slugs and snails love the new shoots and some people have had problems with aphids attacking the plant.

Some types can get quite big so might do better in the ground when the plant is strong enough


No pics as at work but will take when I get home


If its 12 inches tall I would chop of the old dead outside leaves and put it in the ground asap  Lupins are best planted out, and are hardy this time of year. they really dont like being molly coddled this time of year.

I don't have a garden ((( just a courtyard so suppose I'm a container gardener ????

Each plant will grow to about 2ft diameter, so put it in a large pot. I dont think lupins are really suitable for containers though. They bloom early then you are left with nothing till next year.

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