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Has anyone made a wormery and can one be made with containers which are about 10' deep. They fit snugly together, on top of each other but might be too deep for worms to pass through each chamber.

If you've made a wormery, how did you do it... 


wiggly wigglers sell wormeries.

If you want to make one you  could try this. How To Build A Wormery Award

Sara 4

Our local council has a deal with a local garden supplier so they sell wormeries/water butts etc to residents at discount prices.  I don't know if this is a nationwide 'initiative' but it knocked about thirty quid off the retail price of one for us.

Followed the link. I'm looking to make a 3 tiered wormery. Doesn't look like the containers I've got are suitable, they stack rather than fit into each other but I've a better idea of what to put in to start one off.

Sara. Our council isn't that forward thinking but I'll check their website.     .   


Sara 4

You never know, - it seems logical as it must save them money on recycling and they are a rural council at the end of the day.  By the way, you (and everybody else) probably already know this, but when you do get a wormery don't give them the lemon out of your G & T.  I don't think they mind the G bit but they hate citrus fruit and I slaughtered a whole batch of them by not knowing this!

Checked out the county website and they claim to give away compost bins but I couldn't find the link to it!!!

Was directed to another site were dalek compost bins started at £16 and another site which sold wormery's dearer than the first link. There was a kitchen waste bin though which claims to rot stuff down within a few weeks by just adding a bran like substance without the worms, it produces fertiliser and claims the waste can then be added to a normal compost bin.  


Artjak will know all about it I'm sure (does it have a Japanese sounding name?)

Can't find the site this evening, think it started with a B or D, it could have been  Japanses sounding. I usually put sites in favourites if I'm gonna go back but didn't with this one


Were they Bokashi compost bins by any chance?

Googled it and yes it was a Bokashi compost bin.

Also checked out 'freebi composting' for Lancashire, they lost the funding for compost bins years ago so don't suppose the offer of a cheap Bokashi compost bin is still available, the one I saw was less than £20 and the one's checked out this evening on line are £50 plus...this is where my principles of recycling leave me...

...back to the original plan of a home made wormery...

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