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I am moving house in the Autumn and have about 50 hostas of various sizes, all in pots and tubs - some about 4 ft in diameter, (although they will be dying back by then) as well as 20 fuschias and many other plants and cuttings to take.  What's the best way to move them all?  It seems that they will need a removal van all of their own which is going to be very expensive!

I moved house a few years ago at the end of October, I had a second van for the plants and I dont think I am the only one. A friend of mine had 1 van for their house and 2 for the garden !

You could try taking the hostas out of the pots etc and wrapping them in damp newspaper or in bin bags to keep them moist a couple of days before. After all bare rooted plants arrive by post after having being lifted and stored for a while so a few days should be ok.


Snap. When we moved I brought about 3,000 plants with us. The needed a van of their own too!


When we moved I had a smaller  van for the plants. Fortunately my BIL drove that one so not so expensive.

The potty gardener

When I moved here my ex let me bring 4 pots. I managed to sneak in 6. Since he left I have had a wonderful time filling my tiny garden as much as I can


Don't forget to tell the buyer exactly what is not included in the sale of the house. We got into an unbelievable squabble when we sold one house. Every plant had to named, discussed and accounted for in the price!


My sister moved her garden, she bought the house for the garden - not the interior! Such a fab gardener she is. Good luck and enjoy.


Can you not hire and drive a van yourself? We did was much cheaper. 


Yep, 2cnd van will be needed here too when we do move. Luckily OH knows good local carriers/man & van which should be cheaper.

Dont forget the contents of any sheds, greenhouses etc. Also what about bags of homemade compost, leaf mould etc......oh help!! J.


When we moved into last house we took coal and logs...

Ona serious note- if you want to  take plants that are in the ground you have to state on the particulars that you intend to do that. Otherwise they're considered to be included in the sale. 


I only moved a few plants last time I moved, but I did take the contents of the compost heap.

Hi all , were moving in about 10 days (hopefully if the solicitors dont start having 4 days a week off or going on holiday or out at lunch again" ill get him to call you" Ha Ha no he wont) and im gathering as many pots as poss to go on the van last on first off, when its full then that's it our house buyers will get some really great plants, im also taking a lot of cuttings just cant leave em they become part of the house as they grow,and talking of growing iv cut a passion flower about 6 weeks ago and its now 28 inches high and the one in the garden in a fan shape is about 4/5 months old and 8 foot by 9 foot just lately everything is racing away just when i want them to slow a bit for the move so good luck with the new house and garden
avaguden Alan4711
and another thing about moving i,ll have a green house ,a new petrol mower And a shredder how about that, and in Mundesley lots of people put fruit and cakes and flowers out on there walls with an honesty box how about that then what a nice way to live,we will be doing lots of cuttings next year And almost forgot weve got an allotment to go to, our wall will have loads of veg and plants for sale And a car boot thing now and again a little table loads of spuds and beetroot and all that then into the pub,now can you beat it, i dont think so, are we looking forward to it OH YES, its all getting much better even if it is chucking it down

When we decided to move to a new house with a bigger garden, we started splitting plants, potting them up and when we put our old house on the market, we moved the pots off site to a very kind friends garden while the sale went through. By the time it came to move, I had also lifted and divided all over again and with all the plants/garden stuff/furniture/ contents of garage /dismantled greenhouse ( the new people didnt want it!) it was cheaper and easier to hire a 2nd van and DIY. Luckily for us, our old neighbour offered to drive and so we hired a tail lift small van - highly recommended to save your back! It still took 2 trips to move it all, but the savings and joy of having your favourites to re-start your new garden is worth the effort. Anyone want 500+ old plant pots???

might b a car booter yet then Green bean


Gardening Grandma

My bro and a friend wanted to move some bookcases and were able to hire 2 men and a van for as long as required for £30!!! While I did make me speculate on whether the men were supplementing their benefits, it is amazing how cheaply one can get something like this if one looks past the big firms. A good place to look is Gumtree. People who find yellow pages too expensive to use sometimes advertise there.


Move all the pots and troughs now, even just lifting and putting them back in the same place. You do not want to get to the moving day and find pots that have broken and all the contents spill out as you move them.

Thanks for all these helpful comments! Fortunately I was able to have two removal vans - and (as importantly) a team of very helpful removal men - they probably thought I was a bit mad, but who cares?!

I'm now moved in and have all my hostas, fuschias and other plants safely here.  I'm now looking forward to starting on the garden - it's only a small cottage garden with a courtyard at the back - but lots of space for pots!

Good luck in your new home, I am sure the TLC for your garden treasures will make it all worth while


Whew, so long as those hostas are ok. tee hee.

I brought about 150 with me here, some of which required 2 removal men to lift them. That was 2 years ago and even though most were split before replanting, many need splitting again in Spring.

If any of your plants need splitting, maybe you could chat to your neighbours / allotment holders, gardening clubs etc? A great way to meet the neighbours  / other gardeners and making new friends, and , who knows, they might give you some of their surplus plants. 

Wishing you all the best in your new home / garden.