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Mother's Day gift from my son was M & S dahlia in a large terracotta pot complete with  (rather strange) compost. Planted according to instructions, which said nothing about unseated greenhouses, after frosts finished but nothing coming up yet. What a shame if it doesn't do anything.

Lavender Lady

Don't give up Lilly3, I really thought mine would not do anything but they are just coming up, maybe it is too cold for them to come up yet.  Hopefully it will warm up soon.



I posted earlier about planting two dahlias that never appeared. One of them was in perfect condition whilst the other had most of its 'fingers' broken off. I wasn't sure what to do, so I just put all the broken bits in a hole and covered it, not expecting it to do anything but hoping for the best.

Well about a week or two ago, I suddenly noticed something sprouting that I didn't recognise. I did wonder if it was a dahlia, but it was a few inches away from where I planted it. Anyway, it's grown quickly in the recent warm weather (albeit not very sunny) and I'm now sure it's the damaged dahlia I planted in March.

Sadly, the perfectly healthy one planted elsewhere is nowhere to be seen, perhaps because that patch has now been completely covered by taller plants which are blocking all sunlight to the ground?

So with it sprouting now, do you think it'll flower this year?




im sure it will i have some about that size

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