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Hi, after last year's bad summer I thought my dahlias 'my love' wouldn't survive. Every time they popped up a shoot, the slugs were there to ravish them . This year only one has survived but no flowers. It has grown well and is of normal hight but the top looks damaged (slugs again). Has it just run out of steam from last year and need to bulk up or has the initial slug attack eaten all buds?



Shouldn't have run out of steam. I'd pot it up away from the molluscs, or use some slug control pellets or whatever. 


Try giving it a feed, I use tomato food on  mine.  They are very hungry plants and protect from the dreaded slugs.

Yes, slugs are the biggest curse of dahlias.  I use the torch at night system.  No damage now but that's because I got them earlier.  Swedboy you need to cut back those eaten tops to fresh shoots further down to encourage flower buds.  And yes, give a feed.  And keep on top of those slugs....they're getting huge at this time of the year.



my dahlias that I bought last year have not flowered this year, I just let the follage die down then lifted them, did I do wrong. thanks



No, if they are growing now ??ou did right thing....viz., getting them through the winter.  Are they in pots or in the ground?  Are there those pesky slugs about eating your buds?  Earwigs are a pest too of dahlia's.  There are organic ways of trapping them but you can spray for them.  

Are your dahlias growing well?  In pots they will need feeding.  Dahlias suddenly produce buds and flowers so all is not lost.  


in pots with good compost that has feed., they are growing well but I have noticed earwigs we call them forkies in the north of scotland

Your choice to spray or not.  If you insert a couple of short canes into pots and place upturned pots of newspaper, straw etc at the tops,of the canes you should trap,those critters.  Do it overnight and in the morning carefully empty contents into a bag or onto paving etc and eliminate those ??ou see


Thanks for your tips. No idea why I haven't had any notifications to this thread. I'll trim off the top and feed it with some worm tea and see what happens. Never had probes with earwigs before so I'll point the finger of blame on the slugs. 

Quite surprised this plant has survived three years in the ground. Thought last years rain would have killed it off like the other one.

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