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Ive got a lawn that was laid turf a good 20 year ago now, It has thatch and moss which a really good scarifying helps with but this year besides that Im wanting to rid it of weeds. Its mainly daisy's dandelions buttercups and clover some crab grass here and there. I really cant be bothered or have the time to pull it all up this year so Im hoping for some miracle potion to put on it over this year that may help.

Any ideas?

Thanks guys


I found the only one that really worked on ours was Westland lawn feed weed and moss killer.


I just grabbed the first box of weed and feed with mosskiller that I saw on the shelf at the GC! As long as it rains within a few days of putting it on.


I put one on last year but there was no change, I only done it once though as I have quite a large lawn I used it all. 

Supernoodle recommend separating weeding from feeding.  So perhaps try a lawn weedkiller without the feed. And then feed after.


Weed and feed is one of the most popular gardening products but when it said on the box "keep children and pets away from treated areas" I was suspicious and looked it up on the internet.  It is a product which is poisonous to humans pets and wildlife.  It can be absorbed through their feet or e.g. kills birds if they eat it as grit.  Chickens can't be allowed to use a treated lawn for weeks.  If poinsoned lawn cuttings are put round fruit or vegetables, it will be absorbed into the produce. 

I think there should be a proper warning on the pack and am only  going to use the pack in small areas, covering it with netting and chicken wire to stop birds landing on it.

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