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Hi, moved into a new build in december and just had a new lawn put down last week , watered it pretty much everyday bar one day when it had been already raining heavily.

There is a patch of grass that seems to be going more lighter.

i am also scared to start mowing it as it hasn't rooted yet and could lift


i am worried the patch of grass will never go green again

You may have overwatered it.  Is,that possible? If it's hot,and sunny then water well but you may have overdone it. Is your ground,heavy and wet?

Keep an eye on your lawn....if it continues to yellow or brown contact the,people who laid your lawn.

Mow on a high setting.  It shouldn't  lift.

So its irripearable then??

what can i do to rectify

i never watered without checking to see if grass was damp first we have had a lot of sun lately so it made the ground dry fast. more dry weather epected over next few days


when do i need to do my first mow, will mowing the yellow area not make it worse

I would water if this dry weather continues but not overly soak it. The yellow area,is it lower or higher than the rest of the lawn? Does it feel dry or wet?  Is the grass actually yellow?  

Mow when dry.  High setting on mower.  Is the grass growing?  

It's difficult to tell because you do need to water a new lawn until its established but if the grass is growing you will need to mow.  It's prob best to keep off it if it's not growing yet.  A week isn't very long for a newly laid lawn to settle and that yellow area will prob recover. If it still looks sickly in another week or two then I would contact your supplier. 




my yellow area is in middle of garden to left hand side where most of the sun has shone on it.

there rest of garden is mostly green with couple of yellow patches

the green parts are growing already so not sure when to mow as i shouldn't mow if its not rooted yet right??

as for the yellow patches the area of grass doesn't seem to be growing as much

hence i am worried it won't recover


You do not want to be mowing a newly laid lawn after a week-just make sure it is kept moist but not sodden-the roots need to seek out moisture

By mowing it- you are weakening it

Keep calm and relax-grass is a tough old plant-am sure it will be fine

Just stay of it for at least the next week


Claire - new builds are notorious for having turf shoved down on top of rubbish I'm afraid so the problem may be what's underneath the grass. Overwatering is always a problem if the drainage isn't right- for any plant. I'd agree with  Verdun  - it shouldn't lift, so give it another week or two and see what happens. The yellow patches may be areas that are not properly settled and in contact with any soil hence the lack of  growth.

the back garden when we moved in was left rotivated


it wasn't till last week that a friend came and rerotivated it and laid the turf


so the grass will recover, i am not overwatering it i don't think, i only watered it if the grass didn't feel damp to the touch 

its been raining here this morning so so not sure if it needs water today.

i was advised to mow twice a week starting from wednesday gone but ignored that as it didn't sound right, do i start mowing in a few weeks time.


what do i do if no change in a couple of weeks

Twice a week from Wednesday?

Sorry but this a living thing that doesnt not read the calendar

When you see some growth them mow it first with the blades set high-but not yet-you will know when

As for two weeks-come back and say what it is like then-but honestly stop stressing-it is pretty hard to kill grass


twice a week from wednesday gone

my instinct told me the gardener was talking rubbish


have sene growth already but its not rooted so i am scared plus i don't want to mow over affected area or it may go bald lol

i am stressing, worried the lack of water it got in first couple of days it was down will affect it as wasn't told to water straight away and couldn't get hose to work for first couple of days so was sprinkling with watering can on weekend of a heatwave


I seem to be having the same problem and without wantIng to hijack someone else's post with my first,I will give you some background on my problems.

last year I had to build a driveway at the house we had been in for about 6 months, while the mini digger was on site I dug over the garden to a depth of about 18 inches and removed a fair amount of large rocks concrete and other muck you get in the garden of a 1970's development soil is high clay content but I've seen a lot worse, there is now very little if any large stones or rocks under the surface.  The soil was raked over and left to settle for 6 weeks, before the turf was laid it was raked again and compacted. A good friend of mine with a very good lawn helped me lay the turf, it was not walked on and regularly watered, bear in mine how much rain we had last year! 

The result was very weak patchy grass that I then over seeded, this still did not seem to work. I've got a Hover mower for spring and autumn for a higher cut with less weight on the grass, a cylinder mower for summer which is set to it's highest setting, both are sharp and I feel I'm doing all I can including, regular feeding, aerating in spring along with removing thatch with the lawn rake attachment of the mower. I really am starting to feel depressed each time I cut the lawn as it looks awful, I never cut more than a third of the length at a time, we have no pets or children to run over it. If the forum allows I've a link to some pictures


Ps my ipad seems to be auto correcting with all sorts of words so I hope it all makes sence!




It is best left alone to do its own thing-it is warm at the moment-for something to grow it need to bet wet and warm and if in any doubt do not mow-mowing at this stage is not crucial

I can only repeat-it will probably be fine -just do not look at for a week-imagine you are on holiday

my mower only seems to have one setting  on and off

i was thinking of getting lawn feed but it said not to use on grass under 6 months old

Keep it on off

If you gardener did the job right he should have fertilized the soil-do not put any feed on new turf-not needed



Seems to me Mark you are over stressing the lawn by doing too much on a new one, scratch the surface with a springbok rake, sprinkle with some grass seed and water for about 10-15 minutes every evening about 9pm to allow the water to soak into the ground properly, don`t cut the grass until you get decent growth on the fresh seed. No need to scarify or aerate for a few years with a new lawn, don`t use a weed and feed for at least a year on fresh lawns. This years weather has been bad for growing grass seed as winter has been so long so don`t fret.



Mark I'd agree with fred. Until about a month ago everyone' s grass up here was yellow and lifeless-  as was everything else that should have been green! There was no growth as the weather was cold, and if there's no growth there's no reason to cut it. Plants don't look at calendars and really we shouldn't either. Conditions vary enormously depending on where you live. I'm in the west of Scotland - notoriously wet especially in March and April. This year I had to water stuff in pots - unheard of- because of the cold drying wind. So just go by the conditions you have- not the calendar. Watering should be done when necessary- give it a decent drink- evening as fred says- then leave it until it needs it again. Constant light watering encourages roots near the surface which makes the grass weaker and less able to withstand long dry spells.

 Also - people scalp their grass so they don't have to cut if so often- then wonder why it's rubbish. Little and often is the right way with grass- but only if it's actually grown!


watered it twice today still worried

my friend who put the grass down is now advising me that i haven't watered it enough and i need to drown it like create a swimming pool


just relax.  your lawn will prob be fine its been a weird season so far...very cold and not growing weather until this past week or so.

water well but not to the point of saturation.  mow when grass is growing well.

your friend is wrong to suggest drowning your lawn.  ironically   now its much hotter it will need more water.  so your yellow patch is in more sun?  just keep it fairly moist

no rain forcast this week so its going to be sun beaten when i am out at work

yes the patchy area is in sun all day

grass growing really well in other places but cant stand on garden or mow till its all rooted which wont be for a while yet?


To repeat-you gardening friend seems pretty hopeless or just covering his/hers tracks -plants need to breath not kept sodden

Again forget about- it it will be fine stop stressing-it is only grass -take in the advice that has been given here and relax-what is the worse that can happen?

Cant see the pic by the way