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I go out for the afternoon and now I can't access anything!!!!


And th ed feedback gathering tool doesn't work either.


I couldn't post anything when I was home at lunchtime. Seems to be working now but my settings are off. I have my default as 'no email when there's a response', but the box is ticked at  the bottom of each page anyway. I've reset but don't know yet if it works 


Fidget. You tell 'em gal.


If this is it, I will not be around. Its hard to read, and navigate.



The latest posts button doesn't work reliably either. I've had to click on Forum, which takes me back to the topic headings, and then click latest posts in the area above that instead.  

Hideous doesn't come near to my opinion.  It wasn't broke so please give us the old version back.


Bug**r the bugs   

What would happen if everyone boycotted the forum for a day?


Why, under the title of a thread does it say (for example) Posts 9 but regularly says "views 0"? 

How can you have 9 posts but 0 views?

Hazel --

Pansyface- I'd second that gal....!

Steve the Gardening Vet

I use several forums and this 'very spread out' design makes the new design very hard to use. I read fast and used to be able to scroll down a page in a couple of seconds to see if there was anything I wanted to read or contribute to. It needs widening and compressing top to bottom!

fidgetbones says:

If this is it, I will not be around. Its hard to read, and navigate.

See original post

 This is absolutely true.  It is too much trouble.  If it doesn't change soon I won't hang around.  I'll check back every day for the time being but if it doesn't go back to having a whole page of 'recent post' (not 2 or 3 items)  I will give up.  This was a great forum; you only had to ask a question and within a few hours someone would have the answer.  If it stays I like this you will probably loose your really knowledgeable group of gardeners. 

And the spellchecker has disappeared too.

I also think that those in charge launched this new format without having properly tested it or asked any users what they thought. 



Somebody mentioned another site but I couldn't find the answer to what it was. It would be nice to find a refuge while things get sorted out. Sometimes I want to read a rant and sometimes I want advice. That was what I liked about this site. I hope we haven't lost the serendipity of the site. The joy of it was looking at latest posts and dipping in according to your mood. I'm feeling a bit bereft. BTW where have I put this post???

I'm a fast reader too (wanted to be able to quote Steve the Gardening Vet's post but can't despite following instructions given elsewhere). There's just so much scrolling that it's now a chore to pop in and have a quick glance at new posts.....not to mention the eye strain involved! I, too, am a member of other forums and this spread out 'B..I...G' layout is much worse than any other I use.  I'll see how things go over the next few days........but I so miss being able to pop in and have a quick catch up.


The first thing that NEEDS fixing is the number of posts displayed, in the sub forum index and under the latest posts button.

Give us a proper index!

Because listing barely 2 posts on my screen is maddening.


Daniel, Nora ..... Please take note - there are some very consistent messages coming through here.  I know we are all resistant to change, and some of the features we will get used to in time......but there are some fundamental problems with this new design that will drive posters away for good.  Please let us know you are listening