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Instead of sowing straight into the ground, I have sown these seeds in trays in an unheated greenhouse.  So far only 3 osteospernum and 1 scabious has emerged! Any ideas please? Could they be too warm if they're meant to be sown outside?

Patience is a virtue as far as seed goes Jayne5, water them from underneath and wait, they will come, probably all at once and you won't know what to do with them.


Okay thanks for that,  will try to be more patient! I have moved them to the cold frame so they'll be a bit cooler. 


What sort of scabious have you got? I sow my hardy ones cold in winter in a cold GH or cold frame.



Sorry for delay been in garden all day! Scabious is atropurpurea summer sundae. They were new seeds bought this year from T&M.

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