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Problem solving

our bitch is ruining the lawn .... any ideas?

brown patches where she has wet! how do i get rid of this... not the dog!.... any help fratefully received

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take it for a walk to do what it needs to do

Gardening Grandma

I have two dogs and a similar problem. If you can watch where she wees, you can pour a bucket of water over the patch straight away to dilute the acid. There are various products said to solve the problem, but I have not found any of them to work. The problem arises when you don't see where she wets. It might be worth getting dressed and taking her up the street to wee, as soon as you get up. I ended up taking up my smalll rear lawn and planting it, since (rightly or wrongly) it seems to me that larger garden plants can withstand the punishment better than grass. (People with larger lawns might find there is less of a problem, since each area gets widdled on less often.)


Depending on her age, perhaps you can train her to wee on a gravel patch. Or put her on a lead when she goes out, so she goes where you want her to.

little-ann wrote (see)

take it for a walk to do what it needs to do

In fact, take it for several walks, she can't want to pee every 5 minutes! If an accident occurs, do as Gardening Grandma said, pour a bucket of water over it immediately.

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