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I have just moved into a house with a well stocked garden.  Can anyone confirm whether these are peonies? My dad seems to think sobut not sure. If so is it normal for them all to collapse so drastically?


yes, Tree Paeonies. That's how they look at the moment as the leaves collapse and fall off

Surprised to see a flower now though

seed pods at the top

Do I need to cut them back at all? Looks like they have been previously 


I only cut off bits that die back or point in the wrong direction.

If you do need to reduce, cut some stems out completely and leave the rest uncut. If you shorten the stems you'll lose the flowers


I agree with nut.  Next year's flowers have already started forming and will be on the tips of many of the branches.  Given that Paeonia 'High Noon' is known to sometimes produce a few late autumn blooms and is yellow, it may be that.

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