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We are surrounded by feeding stations for the local landowner's pheasants. The birds spend a lot of time in our garden and actually do a fair amount of damage. They eat the brassicas and dust bathe in various places.

I am just wondering what would happen if our cats decided that they fancy raw pheasant meat.

We cannot shoot the birds as the Big House retained Shooting rights over our land when the property was sold off.

Did complain to the previous gamekeeper who then provided us with a few meals of pheasant, but the present incumbent is not as forthcoming.

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One of my cats has set his heart on catching a pheasant - he isn't particularly interested in the little birds, he's after big game.

He's a bit of a clumsy oaf, so hasn't quite got one yet, though he had a mouthful of tail feathers once, and frightened another so that it took off to the top of a tree, where it looked very strange!

He'll be glad when the cooler days come and I start feeding the sheep again, the pheasants are always wise to that and wait in the field with everyone else

The cats might persuade them to eat somewhere more peaceful, if you are lucky. Have you considered a Jack Russell? There's not much they can't sort out.


No way would I ever own a dog. Sorry to all you caninoholics but I do not like them. Anyway I think our cats would leave home.

There were over 20 pheasants in the garden when I looked out of the window this morning.


How about borrowing a dog on a regular basis?  Maybe one that was thrown off the "Pets as Therapy" course!



Since the cats leave home when we have human visitors I think even a fleeting visit from a dog would lead to them disappearing for a long time.

The lawn mower scares the pheasants out of the garden I found today.

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