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We have a number of bird feeders hanging from a tree which is surrounded by lawn. Seed dislodged by small birds falls onto the grass and is then recovered by scavenging pigeons. After the recent wet weather, pigeons have worn a bare patch approx. 6 feet by 8 feet under the tree.

Do we have to stop feeding the birds in order to get rid of the pigeons? Also how can we mend the bare patch. I suspect any use of grass seed will prove pointless with the pigeons eating it before it germinates.

It's difficult to walk on the grass at present as it is so boggy. Stepping onto it this morning resulted in 1" deep boot-shaped indentations!


Hi Ken,  All you can really do is move the feeders, then re-seed the grass.  It will take a while for the birds to adjust to the new location of the feeders though, so you could move some of the feeders first and then the remaining ones once the birds have discovered the new position.

chilli lover

Hi Ken, Are you sure it is a totally bare patch? I find that mime looks bare but isn't really - it's more a case of flattened and muddy. When the ground is drier I'll give it a good raking over and if behaves the same as in previous years the grass will grow back fine.



I found that by using sunflower hearts rather than mixed seed in the feeders, there wasn't so much getting dropped so the pigeons didn't visit as often.

I had to take care when filling the feeders tho'!  Spillages caused by humans were swiftly pounced on by our feathered friends - in the summer I filled the feeders when I arrived home from work - when my car was parked in the drive the gable of our roof would fill with pigeons, queuing up to watch for spills!

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