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lets all hope for some decent weather soon!  I find the trouble with cold frames is the slugs and snails. We have tried pellets, grit, and coffee grounds but nothing seems to work. 

Try Vitax Slug-off - it says that it is harmless to pets and wildlife (except presumably slugs and snails!) - also you can dig it into the soil afterwards.

I've sown an array of different coloured podded french/runner beans this year in the hope I'll be able to see them better and pick them before they go stringily long and not nice to eat. I struggle to find all the green podded ones. 

Yes Im guilty as well,but I have transplanted my runners into larger pots,to big for the moduals that they were in,there about 6 to 8 inches,now they are in my outside plastic greenhouse,,open in the day,closed at night ,still growing strong,fingers crossedlizzy


This is latest year for me for runner beans.....normally,they would be growing away in the garden. But they are growing away now to plant out soon.
Raw runners are so tasty too

Will probably start mine next weekend - in growtubes in the cold frame - we're still getting some sharp frosts here.


i only planted mine last week.. and they are just coming up.. left mine to later this year as so cold.. just got my cosmos up that i planted last week also.. everything bit behind.. seeded so many seeds last week.. my greenhouse is full.. all my summer bedding.

and the weather has been so nice of late.. i hope we dont pay for it later.. everything has come to life with the warmth we have had..even the grass is gowing now.


can you please help? i've been growing runner beans for years but for the last 2/3 years as the  runner beans  appear you can see all the seeds in the pod and as they grow the beans are very beanny and tough. what am i doing wrong ?

my runner beans are about 8inches tall what can I do with them until they are ready to be planted



Thats very early Lesley even in the milder south. I dont sow mine until the beginning of May in a cold frame and I live in Kent.

If you are going to plant them harden them off gradually by placing outside in the day and gradually extend that to overnight on warmer nights. After a week you can try planting them out and if it turns cold at night wrap them in fleece. I think they may sulk for a while but if it stays mild there's a fair chance they will succeed.

Good luck and if they dont survive there is plenty of time to sow some more.

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