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How about this then, in warmer days I went with friends to the Faversham hop festival.. There are numerous beer and cider outlets serving their ware in plastiv glasses. However the CAMRA beer tent serves its wares in recepticles that clearly say on them. I might look like it but I am not Plastic and I am made from a natural biodegradeable substitute!!!  Wow so that is good, why can't other food and drink follow suiyt.

The beer was fine too, lol we all took pewter tankards to avoid the plastic issue..

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I said 'for the benefit of the supermarkets' meaning less risk of damage from over-handling !

Hostafan is right regarding laziness of SOME people ; imagine being in a squabbling queue waiting to fill bags of fruit and veg ; visualise the state of the produce after being sifted through by hundreds of hands .

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